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FEHD propels postgraduate study to the Next Level: MScESLPLD Grad qualifies as Speech Therapist in Canada


Jessica Huen graduated from Master of Science in Educational Speech-Language Pathology and Learning Disabilities in 2015.  After graduating, she worked with an NGO to help preschoolers overcome their communication and speech problems. She recently passed the clinical certification examination for Speech-language and Audiology Canada which means she can now practice as a speech language pathologist in Canada.

“When a child greeted me using a full sentence after a summer vacation – that was unforgettable.  Just one year ago he could not say even a single word.  After therapy his improvement has been incredible.” Jessica recalled.

“I had amazing placement opportunities at EdUHK.  I met an elderly woman who had swallowing difficulties. Although I tried many different treatment approaches with her, I made very little progress.  My supervisor, Ms Esther Kwok helped me think through other possible causes; what were her eating habits, could she swallow her medicine, did she have family support, was her nutritional intake of her current diet adequate?” Jessica said.

Jessica likes to help those in need, especially during the difficult times of their lives.  It means a lot to her clients as well as their families. As her skills are highly transferrable internationally, she is pleased that she is able to help people all over the world.