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Dr Wai-Kai Hou Heads CPH


Dr Wai-Kai Hou, Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology, has been appointed Director of Centre for Psychosocial Health (CPH). Dr Hou’s expertise in health psychology has earned him many awards and honours including the flagship international educational exchange program - Fulbright-RGC Senior Research Scholar Award.

The scope of CPH will be broadened through pursuing new thematic initiatives that bring together colleagues in different areas of psychology, education, and health-related disciplines. Riding on the Centre’s current strength in health and community psychology, the new Director will take the Centre to an international level by the experience and extensive network forged through his Fulbright-RGC Senior Research Scholar Award.

“We aim to foster health, well-being, and resilience through research and evidence-based practice. Modelling on the US research experience, we create knowledge by research and transfer knowledge by applications.” Centre Director Dr Wai-Kai Hou said.

About Dr. Wai-Kai Hou

As the work of CPH illustrates, we strive to raise the standard and impact of everything we do – whether it is searching for more creative ways to support student learning, making research more visible and socially meaningful, or caring for our colleagues and the broader community.  By allowing our staff the freedom to focus on their work we seek to raise what we do to the NEXT LEVEL.