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[FEHD Stronger Together] FEHD boosts HK intergenerational learning


46 students enrolled in a co-curricula service learning course offered by FEHD worked with groups of elders to help them connect to the online world. 
They helped show elders how to find the latest COVID-19 information, use Zoom to contact friends and family, as well as access online entertainment from home. Now through Zoom each group of 4 students and 3 elders are engaging in three more intergenerational activities planned and designed for elders. Some examples include pop music, Hong Kong history, and understanding the latest slang. 
"Intergenerational learning is an important part of Lifelong Learning," FEHD's Prof Maureen Tam said. "Cross- generation digital inclusion must be given a boost. Elders want to keep up with latest technology; things like Zoom are a kind of lifelong learning for elders. By teaching elders how to use Zoom, our students contribute to the community by bringing people together in an intergenerational learning community."
The activities were arranged as a part of the FEHD Service Learning course, Intergenerational Learning through Service with the Elderly.