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How you can help your children become self-regulated learners


After more than 6 months since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, Hong Kong’s school children have experienced many different kinds of learning. But how can you help your child take advantage of their classes?

Research shows that self-regulated learning is the key!

But what is self-regulated learning? Self-regulated learning occurs when students are able to regulate their own emotions, cognition and behaviour, as well as take an active role in their own learning process.

The EdUHK’s Centre for Child and Family Science (CCFS) recently held a webinar to share ways to help children become self-regulated learners.

“The feelings of relatedness, competence and autonomy fuel children’s motivation and foster autonomous learning,” Dr Ian Lam, Co-Director of CCFS said. “To increase children’s competence and relatedness, find out their personal strengths and tell them exactly what it is that you like. Children can also take ownership of their learning by planning their own timetable and having some time to relax.”

“Do not disturb your children; trust them,” said Dr Eva Lau, Associate Head of the Department of Early Childhood Education. “Imitation and failure are essential in the learning process. Parents can allow them some independence to do what they can do, and support them to do what they can do with help,” she said. Pay attention to your child’s questions and try to have meaningful conversations with them.

The recorded webinar is now available on CCFS’s Facebook page. Click here to watch the online webinar.

To help parents and teachers better grasp the skills to help children learn at home, CCFS also made an easy-to-read booklet for free download.