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SEC wins Social Capital Builder Logo Award 2020


FEHD's Department of Special Education and Counselling (SEC) has been awarded the 2020 Social Capital Builder Logo Award for its contribution to the development of social capital in Hong Kong.

From February 2019, the department has worked with TALK Foundation to provide free speech training to 43 children with speech difficulties, together with their parents. 

The project has been found to significantly improve the children's speech skills, and has helped parents learn basic training techniques to support their children. 

“The award is a great recognition from the community and the government,” said Prof Hue Ming Tak, Head of SEC. “It recognises our clinical work on supporting SEN children's language development, as well as the department's commitment to knowledge transfer.”

The department trains speech-language pathologists through its master’s programme – the Master of Science in Educational Speech-Language Pathology and Learning Disabilities (MScESLPLD).

MScESLPLD Programme Leader Dr Anna Kam said “We aim to build a stronger social network with other organisations and community centres to provide speech-language pathology support to the wider community. We also want to experience different facets of the community on the frontlines.”

The Social Capital Builder Award was presented by the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund of the Labour and Welfare Bureau. Six social capital dimensions are used to assess achievements: Social Networks, Social Participation, Information and Communication, Trust and Solidarity, Mutual-help Reciprocity, and Social Cohesion and Inclusion.

As the Social Capital Builder Awards illustrates, FEHD engages the communities we serve by taking our network to the NEXT LEVEL.