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Elder Academy joins UNESCO study


The EdUHK Elder Academy was recently invited to join an international investigation into how higher education institutions across the globe cater to lifelong learning. 

The UNESCO project, Higher Education Institutions Addressing the Learning Needs of Ageing Societies, aims to identify how universities and colleges commit to lifelong learning for older learners. The project consists of several case studies of universities that have broadened provision to incorporate educational opportunities for old-age learners.

The overall aim is to examine how research, teaching, and social engagement can support the provision of lifelong learning; and will analyse how universities are responding to ageing societies.

“We feel honoured to be selected as one of the seven higher education institutions in the world to participate in this project. It is a recognition of our work in later life learning,” said Prof Maureen Tam, Head of EdUHK Elder Academy. “It is hoped that the project can showcase our University's efforts and strategies to respond to the learning needs of older adults as Hong Kong's population is ageing rapidly.”