Research Awards

Research Awards

The awards are established to recognize publications of outstanding quality, and the engagement and impact of staff research to the development of society.

  • Faculty ‘Quality Journal Article’ Awards;
  • Faculty ‘Quality Book’ Awards; and
  • Research Engagement and Impact Awards

Faculty ‘Quality Journal Article’ Awards

Dr. Choi Tae Hee

Department of Education Policy and Leadership

  • This article examined teachers’ resistance to neo-liberal reforms of pedagogy, using the case of a new reform in teacher certification in ‘Teaching English in English’ in South Korea.

Dr. Kam Chi Shan Anna

Department of Special Education and Counselling

  • Kam, A. C. S., Sung, J. K. K., Lee, T., Wong, T. K. C., & van Hasselt, C. A. (2017). Improving mobile phone speech recognition by personalized amplification – Application in people with normal hearing and mild-to-moderate hearing loss. Ear and Hearing, 38 (2), e85-e92.

  • This article reports on a study of the effect of personalized amplification on mobile phone speech recognition in people with and without hearing loss.

Dr. Siu Tik Sze Carrey

Department of Early Childhood Education

  • This article examined whether infants are sensitive to emotional cues in music.

Dr. Wang Li-chih Angus

Department of Special Education and Counselling

  • Wang, L. C., Liu, D., Chung, K. K. H. & Yang, H. M. (2017). Development of lexical tone awareness in Chinese children with and without dyslexia. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 49, 203-214.

  • This article reports on two studies examining the lexical tone awareness of Chinese children with and without dyslexia at different primary school ages.

Finalists of Faculty ‘Quality Journal Article’ Awards

  • Gao, F. (2017). Being ‘religious and cultural rebels’ or being ‘cultural hybrids’? The role of identity capital in Muslim female university students’ self-construction. Gender and Education, 1-16.

  • Lau, E. Y. Y., Hui, C. H., Lam, J., & Cheung, S. F. (2017). Sleep and optimism: A longitudinal study of bidirectional causal relationship and its mediating and moderating variables in a Chinese student sample. Chronobiology International, 34(3), 360-372.

  • Wong, T. T.-Y., Ho, C. S.-H., & Tang, J. (2016). The relation between ANS and arithmetic achievement: The mediating role of number-numerosity mapping. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 46, 208-217.

  • Yang, M., Luk, L. Y. Y., Webster, B. J., Chau, A. W. l., & Ma, C. H. K. (2016). The role of international service-learning in facilitating undergraduate students’ self-exploration. Journal of Studies in International Education, 20(5), 416-436.

Research Engagement and Impact Award

Dr. Yuen Wai Kwan Gail

Department of Education Policy and Leadership

  • Reshaping the policy landscape of early childhood education (ECE): From private to public provision of free quality kindergarten education

  • Dr. Gail Yuen’s work was based on a strong, empirical Public Policy Research project investigating choice practices in the early childhood market and the intended outcomes of vouchers as a demand‐side policy tool in relation to mothers’ socio-economic backgrounds. The project resulted in several high quality journal articles and transferred the knowledge generated to the media and various stakeholders using multiple platforms. A key impact was to bring together kindergartens, parents, scholars, think tanks and policy makers to enact a social paradigm shift in early childhood education by reshaping the public discourse and quality kindergarten education policy. The empirical evidence generated by the research has implications for the government’s role in financing and developing the early childhood education sector. Demonstrable impacts included the development of a new policy, the reconceptualization of teaching professionalism and the formation of a new socialization change in early childhood education. Dr. Yuen’s application clearly shows the pathway from research through knowledge transfer to impact, and the demonstrable benefits of her research for policy and to the community.

List of Recipients for Past Years


Faculty ‘Quality Journal Article’ Awards

Dr. Buchtel Emma, Department of Psychology
Buchtel, E. E., Guan, Y. J., Peng, Q., Su, Y. J., Sang, B., Chen, S. X. H., & Bond, M. H. (2015). Are Immoral Behaviors Especially Harmful, or Especially Uncivilized? Immorality East and West, 41 (10), 1382-1394.

Dr. Chen Junjun, Department of Education Policy and Leadership
Chen, J. J. (2016). Understanding teacher emotions: The development of a teacher emotion inventory. Teaching and Teacher Education, 55, 68-77.

Dr. Cheung Rebecca, Department of Early Childhood Education
Cheung, R. Y. M., Cumming, E. M., Zhang, A., & Davies, P. T. (2016). Trivariate Modeling of Interparental Conflict and Adolescent Emotional Security. Journal of Youth Adolescence, 45 (11). 2336-2352.

Dr. King Ronnel, Department of Curriculum and Instruction
King, R. B. (2015). Sense of relatedness boosts engagement, achievement, and well-being: A latent growth model study. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 42, 26-38.

Dr. Lo Will, Department of International Education and Lifelong Learning
Lo, W. Y. W. (2016). The concept of greater China in higher education: adoptions, dynamics and implications. Comparative Education, 52, 26-43.

Dr. Sun Jiang, Department of Early Childhood Education
Sun, J., Liu, Y., Chen, E. E., Rao, Nirmala., Liu, H. Y. (2016). Factors related to parents’ engagement in cognitive and socio-emotional caregiving in developing countries. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 36, 21-31. 10.1016/j.ecresq.2015.12.003

Faculty ‘Quality Book’ Awards

Dr. Lee Daphnee, Department of Education Policy and Leadership
Managing Chineseness: Identity and Ethnic Management in Singapore