We are committed to working with local and international partners in the development and implementation of programmes, curricula, teaching and research. The purpose is to facilitate engagement that will transform and broaden the educational landscape in which staff and students undertake their work.

The development of international perspectives, activities and competencies is viewed as fundamental within the local and global contexts in which the Faculty operates. Our strategic directions are focused on local, regional and international communities. 

Through these communities we aim to:

  • Be recognised locally and worldwide as a leading Faculty of Education and Human Development capable of attracting high quality students, staff and visiting scholars.  
  • Attract high quality local, regional and international students from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds to enrich our Chinese heritage and offer a rewarding, engaging and satisfying student experience.
  • Create globally aware and focused graduates who are recognised for the quality of their scholarship, professional practice and leadership.
  • Provide leadership in the region for academic engagement and be respected for the quality and impact of our research.
  • Maintain a welcoming, harmonious, safe and secure work and study environment for all students, staff and visitors to the Faculty.

Our internationalisation strategy will be pursued throughout the following dimensions:


  • Strengthen research capacity through international collaboration
  • Encourage international collaborative research projects with overseas partners supported by local or international funding bodies
  • Disseminate research findings through world-class journals and publications

International Programmes

  • Internationalise study programmes
    The Executive Master of Arts (IELC) in International Educational Leadership and Change enrolls students of various nationalities working in different educational contexts in East Asia. Currently this includes students working in: South Korea, PRC, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. In 2013, the Institute collaborated with International Baccalaureate to offer two leadership certificates: the IB certificate in leadership practice and the IB advanced certificate in leadership research. 


  • Recruit high quality international students
    Our undergraduate and postgraduate students are complemented with students from Mainland, Taiwan, Macau, Korea, Myanmar, Philippines and Canada.
  • Enhance student experience by integrating an international dimension into our curriculum and extra-curricular activities, including, inter alia, overseas study tours or visits, real-time interaction with overseas students over the internet, and international student cooperative projects through blended learning. 


  • Recruit internationally renowned researchers
  • Support effective engagement of staff with the goals of internationalization and promote a culturally diverse community
  • Engage visiting professors from overseas institutions to work with Faculty members on research projects and scholarly activities