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Competitive Research Grants

Competitive Research Grants

Our faculty members lead the way in Hong Kong in securing competitive external research funding across a wide range of disciplines. Successful applications include:

General Research Fund (GRF) 

Project Title Principal Investigator Co-Investigators Year
The Predictor and Outcome of Social Support Giving – A Self-Determination Theory Perspective Dr LAM Bick Har

Dr CHENG Chi Keung Eric

Dr YANG Lan 

Dr CHENG Rebecca Wing Yi 

Harnessing the Power of Teacher Feedback to Enhance Learning Outcomes: The Roles of Students’ Feedback Orientations and Learning Engagement Dr YANG Lan

Prof CHIU Ming Ming

Dr LEUNG Shing On (University of Macau)

Prof SIN Kuen Fung Kenneth

Dr TANG Shaobing (Huadu Education Bureau)


The Antecedent Role of Movement Proficiency in Child Development: Evidence from a Group-randomised Controlled Trial of a Motor Skills Training Programme for Young Children Dr CAPIO Catherine

Dr JONES Rachel (University of Wollongong)

Prof LEE Kerry

Prof MASTERS Rich Stanley William (University of Waikato)

Beyond Language Skills, What are the Cognitive Skills and Environmental Risk Factors Contributing to Literacy Skills in Chinese Children at Family Risk of Dyslexia? Prof CHUNG Kevin Kien Hoa

Dr LAM Chun Bun Ian

Prof MCBRIDE Catherine Alexandra (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Dr WANG Li-Chih

Engaging the Victimizer, Victim and Bystander with the Aim of Reducing Bullying among Young Children- “ECE Peace Ambassador Project" Dr WONG Mun Amanda Prof POWER Thomas (Washington State University) 2020/21
Investigating the Occupational Well-being of Hong Kong School Principals and Influential Psychosocial Risk Factors: A Mixed-methods Approach Dr CHEN Junjun

Prof CHIU Chi Shing

Dr HUI Wai Tin

Dr KING Ronnel Bornasal

Prof RILEY Philip (Deakin University)

Prof WALKER Allan

An Exploration of the Role of Leadership in Successful Systemic Improvement in China Dr QIAN Haiyan

Prof SPILLANE James P. (Northwestern University)

Prof WALKER Allan

Reconsidering Academic Entrepreneurialism in East Asia: Diverse Voices and Critical Insights from the Academic Profession of Flagship Universities Dr TANG Hei Hang Hayes

Dr KITAGAWA Fumi (University of Edinburgh)

Dr LEE Soo Jeung (Sejong University)

Dr NICHOLS Naomi (McGill University)

Prof POSTIGLIONE Gerard A (University of Hong Kong)

Effect of Age on Reading Comprehension, Reading Satisfaction, and their Correlates: From Adulthood to Old Age Prof CHEUNG Him

Prof BALOTA David (Wasington University in St. Louis)

Dr LIN Dan

Prof TSE Chi Shing (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Adaptation to Financial Strain: A Prospective Study of Everyday Processes and Mechanisms and Mental Health Dr HOU Wai Kai

Dr FUNG Lai Chu Annis (City University of Hong Kong)

Prof LEE Tatia Mei Chun (University of Hong Kong)

The Intriguing Role of Syntactic Awareness in One Language and Reading Comprehension and Reading Comprehension Difficulty in Another Language in Chinese-English Bilingual Children: A Longitudinal Study Dr TONG Xiuhong

Prof DEACON Hélène (Dalhousie University)

Dr KWAN Lok Yin Joyce

Morphological Awareness and Reading among Chinese ESL Children: A Randomized Controlled Trial Dr YEUNG Siu Sze Susanna

Dr LIU Duo

Prof SAVAGE Robert (Boston College)

Toward a Sexuality and Gender affirming Campus: Effectiveness, Challenges, and Opportunities of Implementing Inclusive School Policies and Practices for Sexual and Gender Minority Students Dr CHAN Chun Ho Randolph

Dr SUEN Yiu Tung (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Prof WRIGHT Eric R. (Georgia State University)

The Dynamic Relations among Cognitive, Ecological, Psychological Factors and Reading Comprehension In Lower Grade Primary School Chinese Children: A Three-Year Longitudinal Investigation of The Componential Model of Reading Dr LIU Duo Phil

Prof CHEN Xi (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Prof JOSHI R. Malatesha (Texas A&M University)

Dr LI Miao (University of Houston)

The Psychological Well-being of PhD Students in Hong Kong: A Territory-Wide Study and an International Comparison Dr KING Ronnel 

Prof HALL Nathan (McGill University)

Prof HALSE Christine

Dr ZENG Lily Min (University of Hong Kong)

Unpacking Student Self-assessment Processes: A Longitudinal Naturalistic Experiment Dr YAN Zi

Prof BROWN Gavin (University of Auckland)

Prof CHIU Ming Ming

Dr KO Po Yuk

Relationships among Parental Beliefs, Home Numeracy Activities, Young Children’s Numeracy Skills and Interest Dr CHEUNG Sum Kwing Sam

Dr KWAN Lok Yin Joyce

Prof MCBRIDE Catherine (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Understanding the Practices of Middle Leadership for Quality in Early Childhood Education: Role, Power and Authority Dr HO Choi Wa Dora

Prof CHUNG Kien Hoa Kevin

Dr LU Jiafang

Prof WALKER Allan David

New Education Privatisation (NEP) in English Education for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL): A Four-nation Comparative Study Dr CHOI Tae Hee

Dr CHEN Junjun

Prof CHIU Chi Shing

Dr CREAGH Susan (University of Queensland)

Prof DIMOPOULOS Konstantino (University of Peloponnese)

Dr HOGAN Anna (University of Queensland)

Mr KIMURA Haruo (Yokohama Soei University)

Prof LINGARD Bob (University of Queensland)

Dr MORI Izumi (University of Tokyo)

Mr POUDEL Prem Prasad (Tribhuvan University)

Dr SARAKINIOTI Antigone (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

Dr SIFAKAKIS Polychronis (University of the Peloponnese)

Dr TAKAYAMA Keita (University of New England)

Prof TSATSARONI Anna (University of the Peloponnese)

Ms VOGOPOULOU Areti (Higher Technological Educational Institution of Peloponnese)

Ms YAMATO Yoko (Aoyama Gakuin University)

Antecedents, Mediator, and Moderators of Teacher Innovation in Schools: Evidence from Hong Kong Dr LU Jiafang

Prof CHIU Chi Shing

Prof HUANG Xu (Baptist University of Hong Kong)

Dr KO Yue On James

Dr LAM Bick Har

Prof WALKER Allan David

School-Based Social Capital in Ethnic Minority Students’ Progression to Post-Secondary Education in Hong Kong Dr GAO Fang


Dr BHOWMIK Miron Kumar

Prof HALSE Christine

Prof LEE Moosung (University of Canberra)

Comparing Mediated Moderation Effects Using Structural Equation Modeling Dr KWAN Lok Yin Joyce

Prof CHAN Wai (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Flourishing Outcomes and Psychosocial Predictors of 10-year Trajectories of Sleep Quality Dr LAU Yuet Ying Esther Dr CHEUNG Sing Hang (University of Hong Kong) 2019/20
Executive Functioning in Reading Comprehension in Chinese with and without Dialect Speaking Dr LIN Dan Prof SAVAGE Robert (McGill University) 2019/20
Robotic Intervention Framework for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to Enhance Social Engagement and Participation Dr CHUNG Yin Han Eva

Prof CHOW Hung Kay Daniel

Prof SIN Kuen Fung

Exploring the contextual influence of school, home and community on the development of ethnic minority students’ sense of belonging in Hong Kong Prof HUE Ming Tak

Dr CHEUNG Hoi Yan (City University of Hong Kong)

Prof HALSE Christine

Prof KENNEDY Kerry

Prof LEUNG Chi Hung

Dr ULLAH Rizwan (Delia Memorial School - Hip Wo)

Do Children Learn Chinese with Receiving Phonetic System Training Affect the Role of Auditory Temporal Processing to Reading? – A Longitudinal Study Dr WANG Li Chih Angus

Dr CHU Szu Yin (National Tsing Hua University)

Prof CUNG Kevin Kien Hoa

Dr LIU Duo


A Structural Understanding of Formative Assessment: Predictor, Intention, and Practice


Dr CHENG Chi Keung Eric

Prof MOK Mo Ching Magdalena


The Impact of Differential Parenting: A Longitudinal Study of Child and Parent Factors on Children’s Psychosocial Health in Hong Kong

Dr NG Sau Man Catalina

Prof CHIU Ming Ming

Prof HEYMAN Gail (University of California, San Diego)

Prof ZHOU Qing (University of California, Berkeley)


Writing from the Start: The Writing Readiness Skills in Early Writing Development for L1 and L2 Chinese Speaking Kindergarten Children

Dr ZHOU Yanling



Effective Teaching and their Effects on Early Childhood Development: A Comparative, Longitudinal, Mixed-method Study of Hong Kong and Finnish Kindergartens

Dr KO Yue On James

Prof CHENG Pui Wah (Tung Wah College)

Dr REUNAMO Jyrki (University of Helsinki)

Prof SAMMONS Pamela (University of Oxford)

Dr SUN Jin


Empowering Teachers to Challenge Transprejudice Against Trans Students in Hong Kong

Dr KWOK Kan Diana

Dr WU Joseph (City University of Hong Kong)


Early Career Scheme (ECS) 

Project Title Principal Investigator Year
Investigating Alternative Middle-Class Choice: A Qualitative Study of Homeschooling in Two Chinese Cities Dr LEE Tsz Lok Trevor 2020/21
Word-form Encoding in Chinese Handwriting: Examining the Roles of Radicals and Logographemes Dr WANG Jie Jane 2020/21
Understanding the Complexity of Learner Agency of Senior Secondary Students in English Private Tutoring: A Narrative Inquiry Dr YUNG Wai Ho Kevin 2019/20
Enhancing Emotion Understanding and Theory of Mind via Block Building Dr SIU Tik Sze Carrey 2019/20
Neurocognitive Developmental Mechanisms Underlying Statistical Learning of Chinese Orthography in Hong Kong Chinese Children: A Longitudinal ERP Study Dr TONG Xiuhong 2019/20
Critical Consciousness as a Building Block for Positive Development among Sexual Minority Youth: A Longitudinal Prospective Study Dr CHAN Chun Ho Randolph 2019/20
Are Triarchic Model of Grit Dimensions Related to Subsequent Achievement Goals and Academic Engagement in Math and Science in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Philippines? Dr DATU Jesus 2019/20
Are Older Adults Lonely? Elucidating Age Differences in the Relationship between Solitude and Well-Being Dr JIANG Da 2019/20
Integrative Biophysiological Markers for Predicting Psychological Resilience: A Longitudinal Study Dr LAU Kwok Wai Way 2019/20

Investigating SEN Students’ Academic and Career Self-concepts, School Engagement, and Outcomes in Inclusive Education Integrated with Career Planning


Teacher Leadership: Influences of Hierarchical Chinese Contexts on the Capacity of Professional Learning Communities to Empower the Classroom Teacher Dr LEE Hui Lin Daphnee 2018/19
An Analysis of the Role of Hong Kong School Principals in Supporting the Teaching of Civic Education Dr WONG Koon Lin Linnie 2018/19
Examining the Antecedents and the Role of the Three Self-Compassion Components on Hong Kong Secondary School Students’ Psychological Well-being and Achievement Motivation Dr LAW Wilbert 2018/19
Low Environmental Relational Mobility Promotes Existence of Enemies Dr LI Man Wai Liman 2018/19
Development of Eye Movements during Reading: A Cross-Culture Comparison Dr PAN Jinger 2018/19
Enhancing Creative Problem Solving through Task-switching Dr SIO Ut Na 2018/19
The Multilingual Reading Brain: An ERP Study of Language Interactions in Three Writing Systems Dr YUM Yen Na Cherry 2018/19

Public Policy Research (PPR) - Selected Projects

Project Title Principal Investigator Co-Investigators Year
Relationship between the Implementation of Junior Secondary Chinese History Curriculum and the Cultivation of Students' Civic Consciousness: Voices from Teachers and Students

Dr FOK Ping Kwan

Dr XU Hui Xuan

Prof KO Po Yuk
Who am I? Narrative Identity of Chinese Late Adolescents in the Context of Social Movements

Dr XU Huixuan

Dr FOK Ping Kwan 2019/20

University Students’ Normative Belief about Aggression: Perspective of the Risk-Resilience Model

Dr LI Jianbin

Prof FINKENAUER Catrin (Utrecht University) 2019/20
Social Reconciliation Readiness and Strategy Preferences among Hong Kong People: A Mixed Methods Study

Dr NG Sau Man Catalina

Prof CHIU Ming Ming

Prof CONLEY Dalton (Princeton University)
Ethnic Minorities and Hong Kong’s Current Protests: Non-Chinese ‘Hongkonger’ Communities and Their Values Dr BHOWMIK Miron Kumar

Dr GUBE Jan Christian C.

Prof KENNEDY Kerry John

Prof HUE Ming Tak

Investigating Hong Kong Students’ Aspirations for the Future

Prof HALSE Christine Margaret


Dr CHAN Kit Wa Anita

Prof CHIU Chi Shing

Prof CHIU Ming Ming

Dr GAO Fang

Dr GUBE Jan Christian C.

Dr HO Chun Sing Maxwell

Dr NG Fung Sheung Isabella

Dr TANG Hei Hang Hayes

Campus Culture, Student Leaders and Social Movements: Towards Educational Strategies for Re-establishing and Sustaining Communication

Dr AULD Euan Douglas

Dr LO Yat Wai 2019/20

The Mental Health Impact of the Social Movements in Hong Kong: A Chance to Build Back Better Daily Life

Dr HOU Wai Kai NA 2019/20

Investigating the Effectiveness of an Information Technology Entrepreneurship Training Program for Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong

Dr LEUNG Chi Hung

Dr BHOWMIK Miron Kumar

Prof YU Wai Mui Christina

Prof KENNEDY Kerry John

Dr FUNG Wai Tong (Hong Kong Science Park Technology Incubation Network – TIN)

Well-being of Filipino Domestic Workers in Hong Kong: A Public Policy Priority for the Future Dr KING Ronnel

Prof BERNARDO Allan B I (University of Macau)

Dr CAPIO Catherine

Dr FONG Ricci

Dr GARABILES Melissa R (Ateneo de Manila University)

Investigating Space in Kindergartens under the Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme Dr YUEN Wai Kwan Gail Dr GALLAGHER Michael (Manchester Metropolitan University) 2019/20
Career and Life Planning for Hong Kong Youth Development: Challenges and Opportunities  Dr SZETO Sing Ying Elson 

Prof SIN Kuen Fung

Prof WALKER Allan David

Dr CHENG Yan Ni Annie

Hong Kong Youths’ National Identity: Impacts of Mainland Exchange Programmes, Study Tours and Volunteer Activities Dr SZETO Sing Ying Elson  Dr CHENG Yan Ni Annie 2016/17
Enhancing Executive Functioning of Children Living in Poverty: A Randomized Experiment Study Dr POON Kei Yan Kean

Prof CHOU Kee Lee

Towards a Refugee Policy for an Inclusive Hong Kong: Enhancing the Status of China's International City Prof KENNEDY Kerry John  Prof HUE Ming Tak 2015/16

Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) - Selected Projects

Project Title Principal Investigator Co-Investigators Year
Improving children’s Chinese literacy performance by developing an educational computer game for training morphological skills Dr LIU Duo Phil  

Prof CHEN Xi (University of Toronto)

Dr LI Hong (Beijing Normal University)

Dr WANG Li Chih

Reducing early literacy differences in preschool children from low-SES families: The effects of an early metalinguistic intervention Prof CHUNG Kevin Kien Hoa

Prof MCBRIDE Catherine (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Dr LAM Chun Bun Ian 

Dr LIU Duo 

Teaching approaches and English literacy skills: An investigation into young Hong Kong Chinese ESL children

Dr YEUNG Siu Sze Susanna

Dr NG Mei Lee  2016
Dialogical reading programme on Chinese language and emergent literacy learning in ethnic minority preschool children in Hong Kong Dr ZHOU Yanling 

Prof CHUNG Kien Hoa Kevin

Prof MCBRIDE Catherine
(Chinese University of Hong Kong)



Health and Medical Research Fund (HMRF) - Selected Projects

Project Title Principal Investigator Co-Investigators Year
An Implementation Science Approach to Adapting Healthy Movement Behaviour Guidelines for Hong Kong Preschool-Aged Children

Dr CAPIO Catherine Mamaid 

Prof CHUNG Kien Hoa Kevin

Dr NG Sau Man Catalina

Dr SIT Hui Ping Cindy (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Effectiveness of Music in Social Skills Intervention for Children with ASD: A Randomized Controlled Trial Dr YUM Yen Na Cherry

Dr LAU Kwok Wai Way

Dr HO Fuk Chuen

Dr POON Kei Yan Kean


Effectiveness of A Theory-Driven Smartphone Application on Orthopaedic Patients’ Motivation and Adherence to Medical Regimen in Hong Kong: A Randomised Controlled Trial

Dr CHAN King Chung Derwin

Prof HAGGER Martin (University of California, Merced)

Prof LONSDALE Chris (Australian Catholic University)

Dr SIU Ming Fai Parco (The University of Hong Kong)

Dr WONG Wai Lung Thomson (The Open University of Hong Kong)

Prof YUNG Shu Hang Patrick (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Intervention Efficacy of Assistive Listening Devices for Chinese Children with Dyslexia - A Randomized Controlled Trial Dr KAM Chi Shan

Prof CHUNG Kevin Kien Hoa

Ms LAU Suk Han Polly

Dr POON Kei Yan

Dr YUEN Chi Pun

The Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Symptoms and Its Association with Information Technology (ICT) Use: A Population-based Study Prof WONG Wing Sze

Prof FIELDING Richard (The University of Hong Kong)

Dr WONG Ming Yee Emmy

Dr FOK Margaret (Queen Mary Hospital)