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Simple Sensible Safe


30 Faculty administrative staff joined the Dialogue in the Dark event on 6 March. Led by visually-impaired guides the teams experienced the world in a unique and inspirational way. 

In complete darkness, the team was reminded to keep communication SIMPLE.  Their messages had to be sharp and clear. They learnt to understand their team mates better by using their senses.  

When problem solving, the team had to be SENSIBLE.  They learnt to prioritize tasks under strict conditions. Although the darkness was initially scary, humour and mutual support turned tension and hesitation into trust.

SAFETY was of the utmost importance.  Groups had to walk without hurting themselves or others. They worked to guide their partners through.

We strive to raise the standard and impact of everything we do – whether it is searching for more simple, sensible and safe ways to support administrative work.  By allowing our staff the freedom to focus on their work we seek to raise what we do to the NEXT LEVEL.