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News & Events

Welcome to the new academic year!


The 2020/21 academic year has just begun. The University will adopt online mode of learning and teaching for Semester 1, due to the latest developments of COVID-19 in Hong Kong. This arrangement is subject to change depending on the development of the pandemic.

Although our faculty members are not able to greet our students in person at the beginning of the new academic year, Prof Tsui Kwok Tung, Acting Dean of FEHD, extends a warm welcome to our students through a video message.  

In his welcoming remarks, Prof Tsui says “University is a place for you to explore new horizons as well as your own potential. You are encouraged to actively engage in learning activities and grasp every opportunity that comes your way.”

“Whether you are returning students or freshmen, we hope you will enjoy campus life and develop yourself by learning, exploring, and engaging. Our professors and teachers will support you on your way to excellence.”

As one of Asia’s most dynamic and diverse learning communities, FEHD is committed to taking quality student learning to the NEXT LEVEL